From 10 year at McGill in libraries till Medical faculty and then Nursing and social work to a great change when in 1990 i started as a salesman in the west island within The Spinelli group. Where i quickly grew to sales manager by 1995 and reached the peak at Spinelli in Lachine beating all sales records with a great team.

In 2001 i accepted a position at Acura plus in Blainville. We accomplished great success and became the first dealer in Canada to have the best customer service 4 years in a row, and beat Quebec sales of all times.

The reason to all these great successes in my life.
The client , the client , the client
Serve them like family...

This is what i do today, and enjoy doing it, as it gives me time to tale care of everyone with personalized service. From the corporate buyer for Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transits, to the Toyota corolla and Nissan Sentra buyer, and all the Luxury cars in between such as BMW Mercedes Audi Infiniti to name a few. This service is free to the buyer and because we do not work for free we get a commission from various sources we use.

We save you hours days and weeks of shopping in a web of dealers who’s skills are to confuse you frustrate you and make you crazy. Until you give up and just sign to get it over with... not knowing if you got a deal after all that.

If you picked your car and package you want as well as have price quotes already, I'm the guy to save you money.

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